Ladders Manufacturer Pakistan

Ladders Manufacturer Pakistan

Fiberglass Ladders by Mega Engg Fiberglass Industry Composites are manufactured with hollow FRP pultruded shapes. Our high-performance ladders boast a very high strength-to-weight ratio – much better than steel. The side sections are square tube, and the rungs are fluted tube. Ladders can be wall mounted or floor mounted, Vertical-Safe Reach the Height and are easily able to withstand extreme corrosive environments. FRP ladders are useful for applications such as wastewater treatment facilities, chemical or industrial plants, marine environments, manufacturing, metals & mining, pulp & paper, or any location where corrosion and ease-of-installation are considerations.

A Prelude

MEGA ENGG Industry Composites has a glorious past, studded with remarkable achievements. Today, it is one of the growing companies with a strong share of fiberglass market at home & abroad. The term composite refers to a combination of different materials into a unique new entity. Mega Fiberglass Industry Composites reinforced plastic (FRP/GRP) is a manmade composite of glass fibers and resins. In Mega Fiberglass Industry Composites, plastic is a binder just like cement in concrete. Mega Fiberglass Industry composites are stronger and durable than steel offering following silent features.
=>Electrically Insulated
=>Attractive Colors
=>Complete Utility
=>Life Protection
=>Optimum Safety
=>Elegant Designs
=>Rust Resistant
=>Comfort & Style
=>Excellent Quality
=>Easily Portable
=>Environment Friendly
=>Long Life
Mega Engg Industry Composites have state of the art production facilities, catering to the most demanding customers, requirements. There are different techniques and equipment for FRP fabrication. In house Pultruded PFGIC profiles are used for assembling different type of Mega Engg Manufacturer Pakistan Ladders.

Ladder Safety Standards Mega Engg

Ladders Manufacturer Pakistan are designed and build to meet or exceed the application standards and requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANS) AND Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

The applicable ANSI Codes for Mega Engg Fiberglass ladder are ANSI A14.5 In addition, ANSI Codes have established a Duty Rating to identify the use of a portable ladder in safe conditions. The listed table describes the various types of ladders.

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