FRP/GRP,Fiberglass MS, SS water and chemical storage tanks

FRP Water Storage Tanks

This information is offered to assist in the purchasing and proper installation of underground direct buries fiberglass tanks. Use the following guideline to communicate with tank suppliers and installing contractors. Please note that MES (MEGA ENGG SERVICES) does provide a comprehensive installation manual and verbal assistance to all contractors installing our products.
Provide and /or install the following underground direct bury fiberglass tank as directed by the storage system Owner,

Double-Wall Fiberglass Storage Tanks

Double-wall fiberglass storage tanks offer customers full 360-degree secondary containment providing maximum protection of the environment. The very popular MES TRUCHEK hydrostatic monitoring system is one option to consider. Available in capacities ranging from 600 gallons to 40,000 gallons. Multi-compartment fiberglass storage tanks are a popular choice when storing two or three grades of fuel in a single tank within separate compartments. In many cases, these tanks provide overall savings vs. two or three separate tanks.

MS/ SS Tanks

Groundwater Storage Tanks should be specified large enough to handle peak demands and still retain a reserve independent of the rate of water flow from the source (i.e. well, spring, filter system, pump, or other water distribution system).

Steel Gates

Mega Gate is a tube design frame, which can be in filled with one of Mega steel tube designs, steel security fencing, aluminum or stainless steel fixed louver design or steel welded wire panels. The swing gates tube design can also be furnished in aluminum or stainless steel. Mega Gates are protected by an extremely effective coating system, giving long life with a touch of elegance.