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How much experience does one have GRP and FRP boats? What waters does one shall sail?

My answer will vary counting on what proportion you recognize about what you’re doing, and if you plan to sail on a lake or river, or protected coastal waters, or on the ocean.

Frankly, I don’t recommend a high performance boat for a primary boat to anyone. Get something more sensible and study

a) what you’re doing, and

b) exactly what you would like during a boat before throwing the cash at it.

The local Power Squadron can assist you. they provide classes for brand spanking new boaters, to show good technique— hear them, they know what they’re doing— and regularly can provide rides on the water, or results in people for whom you’ll become voluntary crew and learn something. Ditto the local yacht club; many of them do local outreach, and have programs for the local children, then forth. Go hang around on the dock and beg rides. get your feet wet, IOW, before diving in head first.

As Mole said: “There is nothing absolutely nothing! half such a lot worth doing as simply messing about in GRP and FRP Boats.”

But while this is often true, knowing what you’re about may be a necessary precursor.


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MES Group introduced MEGA MARINE SECTION having production facility in Karachi to account for the needs of shipping companies, forest and fisheries department and for survey and speed boats for dams and reservoirs at decent cost and excellent state of the art engineering work.

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