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Mega Engineering Services

We have complete range of multiple Fiberglass Products in market


Mega Engineering Services “MES” has been established with the earlier vision of future, specialized in manufacturing in FRP/GRP, MS, SS & plastic products. MES is one of the largest suppliers of both material products and general orders Supplier Company. “Customer and Quality First” is our main motto.

We are Provide worlds best fiberglass cabin

These high quality Fiberglass Security Cabin's Intelligentsia p4. Multiple window panels for a complete external view. Location of windows is, as per customer’s choice. 5. Door equipped with lock. 6. Could be located and fixed any where according to customers, need.

Fiberglass Tanks

We Provide worlds best fiberglass tanks in a whole world, Tanks larger than 5000 gallons capacity are structurally engineered to contain the volume and weight of water and offer resistance to external conditions such as wind, seismic and snow loads as mandated by the Uniform Building Code.

We provide best boat riding

We are the number one supplier of pedal boats. We sell every major brand manufactured, brands including Pelican, Ameriform, Future Beach, Contour, Ray Park, Sun Fun, Sun Dolphin, etc... Pedal boats come with or without motors and some people call them paddle boats. Motorized pedal boats are also known as electric mini pontoon boats.