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Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) water tanks are an economical, safe and clean way to store water. These tanks are so lightweight and can withstand the severity of outdoor exposure. These GRP tanks can be perfectly used for storing water under many conditions as these tanks have many advanced protective adaptations in order to prevent leakages, keep out UV rays and water from freezing. The manufacturers of these tanks use the SMC (Sheet Moulding Composite) process for the production of quality tanks.

This process involves:

Having the perfect amount of fiberglass on thin plastic sheets. Then, arranging the combination in a hydraulic molding press. And then the implementation of regulated heat and pressure to make it frim and compressed. During this process, different features such as ribs and other inserts are molded in as desired. After this, the frame is then taken out of the press and gets cooled. Forgiving strength, a layer of resin and catalysts are added to the GRP frames and machine-spread between the two sheets of GRP which will give the end result of high strength GRP Tank panel. Now the panels will be drilled at the sides in order to join with bolts and nuts to form GRP tanks.

Here the Some significant advantages of using this process include:

  • This process includes very lightweight panels that are very strong in order to reduce the overall weight of the tank.
  • Customizable color compounds for the tank.
  • Regulated heat and pressure will be applied so that it can frim and contract.
  • The major objective of this process is that it gives room flexibility and can easily accommodate the best shape, structure and geometric complexities.
  • The GPR Tank has the following structure:


Panels will be useful to enhance the rigidity of the tanks.

Thermal insulation will help in order to maintain a constant temperature within the tank and especially with extreme temperatures in some areas. The weight and thickness of such panels depend upon the height of the tank. The higher the tanks, the thicker bottom panels. Typically, a standard panel is 1000 x 1000mm, 1000 x 500mm, 1000 x 1500mm.

Advantages of Using the GRP Tank:

The main advantage of the GRP tank is that it is easy to assemble and dissemble with the right tools and workmanship. Now, you can quickly adjust the size of the GRP tank according to your need with this flexibility.

The most of the parts of GRP tanks are hot-dip galvanized so there would be no space of corrosion at all. This panel water tank is easily portable from one place to another. The material being used in the water tank is well-made and adapted for the outdoors so that it can easily stand with various heavy loads and weather conditions.

The whole structure is carefully built up with no metal components and helps to control rust. The panels will be used to prevent light and harmful UV rays so that the growth of bacteria and algae can stay away. These panels are insects and dustproof. The base of the tank is perfectly secure to prevent potential leakage.

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