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Fiberglass Pallets

Fiberglass Pallets are made from a variety of different materials. Each has its own benefits and challenges. There are two major aspects to be considered that can be opposing to consider while the selection of right plastic material for your pallet’s application. These aspects are rigidity and impact resistance. Generally, these aspects are inversely correlated. Or you can say the more rigid the pallet is, the less impact of resistance it possesses. In contrast, the less rigidity a pallet has the more impact of the resistance it possesses. We are offering a fiberglass pallet at an affordable price. These pallets have a specific resistance greater than steel. So, it can be used to make high-performance. These pallets have a feature of dielectric permeability and this property of fiberglass makes it suitable for electromagnetic windows.

Fiberglass not only provides better insulation but also helps in protecting the machinery, conserving the energy and ensures the safety of the professional workforce. Fiberglass is an essential component of a range of industries including the likes of wastewater treatment plants, HVAC, fireproofing, and oil fields. Generally, the size of the pallets is 48”x 40”. Fiberglass is by far the most common material used to mold plastic pallets. There are many types of pallets and one of them is block pallet which is proven to be more durable, able to hold more weight and safer. There is a total of three types of fiberglass pallets which are plastic, wood, and metal. Pallets have extremely flex resistant, extremely impact-resistant and naturally fire-retardant. Fiberglass pallets are the most reliable and durable pallets that you can find ever. These pallets also allow you safely and securely to maximize floor space without comprising storage space.

If we talk about the wood pallet, then these pallets are cheaper but their composition of the wood cost you very high. Wood is very porous, which means it can hold a lot of water or anything else that might be spilled onto it! While in the case of plastic pallet they eliminate the challenges with wooden block pallets. These pallets are so lighter in weight and easy to clean. Because plastic pallets are non-porous, they won’t harbor contaminants or absorb liquids. In one sentence, Fiberglass pallets consist of a glass and plastic mixture, they are very strong but can be very costly. We offer a variety of colors including black, beige, green, and red in these pallets. To know more about fiberglass and their application, stay tuned.


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