Fiberglass Grating

Mega Engs is a premier FRP products supplier and designer of high-quality Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) structural products and systems, providing one of the industry’s broadest product and service offerings. From the design and supply of moulded and pultruded fibreglass gratings and structural shapes to complete structural design and fabrication, and to manage FRP projects at various stages to meet the project specifications and requirements. Grating MEGA ENGS has been working with clients from various industries and we provide the in-depth technical advice and innovative FRP solutions to our clients.

MEGA ENG Sprovides installation and manufacturing service of fiberglass grating and structures in Pakistan. We also supply pultruded grating, structural shapes, platforms, etc for the water and waste water of industry, oil and gas, mining, and chemical processes. In addition to raw sheets of fiberglass grating and shapes, MEGA ENG Salso has an extensive fabrication facility to cut, machine, drill, and minimally assembly large, complex structures. MEGA ENGS has several PE certified structural engineers that can design your complex structure for you.