Fiberglass Cooling Tower


MEGA ENGS Design, Manufacture, Supply, Erection & Commissioning of cross flow & Counter flow cooling towers in RCC, Treated Timber & FRP construction. Having started with manufacturing of medium size FRP & Timber Cooling Towers, we have come a long way in industrial cooling tower job. Today we cater to various industries like Sugar, Cement, Textile, Iron & Steel, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, Food processing etc. And we also undertake modification, repair and upgrading of existing towers of any make and supply spares for cooling towers. All components and parts are inspected and tested as per required norms along the line of production to ensure good product quality.

FRP Cooling Tower Overview:

Cooling tower systems are normally associated with air-conditioning systems, refrigeration systems and industrial processes. The water is sprayed or dripped into a large chamber. Air is forced through this chamber by a thermostatically controlled fan. The primary task of a cooling tower is to reject heat into the atmosphere. This heat rejection is accomplished through the natural process of evaporation that takes place when air and water are brought into direct contact in the cooling tower. The evaporation is most efficient when the maximum water surface area is exposed to the maximum flow of air, for the longest possible period of time. Cooling towers are designed in two different configurations, counter flow and crossflow. The specific configuration indicates the direction of air flow through the tower relative to the direction of the water flow. Cooling tower water and air distribution systems are designed in concert, with each playing an equally important role in determining the efficiency and proper application of the cooling tower.

FRP Blades or FRP Fan for Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower Fan Blades. MES cooling tower fan is wide used for big size industrial cooling tower. The cooling tower fan are made with FRP materiel, which is light weight and high strength.

MES cooling tower are suite for all types of cooling tower fan replacement. And we provide customized fans for cooling tower.  We are provide you the best range of cooling tower fans, power saving frp fan for cooling tower and cooling tower fan blade with effective & timely delivery.


  • Low noise operation and Less maintenance
  • Maximum air, pressure flow and High efficiency
  • Sturdy construction and Accurate working
  • Exceptional performance
  • Longer functional life