Fiberglass Composite Cases

Composite Cases

Mega Engs is a professional manufacturer of Fiberglass Composite Cases. Fiberglass composites are less expensive than carbon composites in most cases. These cases are available in a wide range of sizes. FRP Fiberglass reinforced thermoset composite materials provide maximum design flexibility for military and industrial shipping cases. FRP custom cases represent the most sophisticated and complex designs in the industry and are the most sizeable shipping cases. FRP custom cases are capable of being designed in an endless array of possibilities and perform in an outstanding fashion under any of these circumstances.

Delivery Box

We are manufacturer and Supplier of Fiberglass insulated Food delivery box, ice cream box, Material Storage box and we also design and manufacturer delivery trike with fiberglass insulated box. Fiberglass Delivery Boxes for Pizzas and any other foods deliveries, “waterproof” (Please see the Dimensions below). We are made from high quality fiberglass and fitted with gas struts, available insulated and non-insulated boxes and fully lockable supplied with two keys. Available in Black, White and Red colors, so the customers can choose the color they like. These boxes are supplied with and without racks and fitting services are also available. We can fit them almost too any type of motorcycles and scooters.