Fiberglass Cabins and Portable Cabins

Portable Cabins

Fiberglass Cabins Prefab Container Houses and Moveable Office
Fiberglass Cabins and External Sheet FRP Sheet 2mm Corrugated/Plain MS Sheet fixed with riveting or welding process.
Primer coat followed by high-quality anti-rust paint of desired color.
3” Thermo pore filling next to it for insulation against weathering effects.
Steel welded structure of MS sq. pipe or angles to contain insulated material and holding external casing sheets.
MDF/insulated PVC Texture high strength sheet on internal side of the prefab structure.
High strength anti skid flooring with water resistant characteristics.
Underground electrical wiring with lightening and ceiling/bracket fan arrangement.
VIP Sanitary Fittings with 04 nos. Uriner with Muslim Shower arrangement.
Aluminum ventilator with Exhaust system.
Light Weight Grout able structure in ground (6” high from ground).
02 Nos. Wash Basins with complete accessories.
Complete Electric Fitting underground.
Roof ceiling system with beautiful texture with lighting arrangement.
1 no. exhaust Fan.
06 Nos. Toilet with sequence with proper privacy with commode and Indian Latrine with Muslim Shower arrangement.
Complete floor with anti skid Flooring.
Lifting Hooks.
06 nos. energy severs.
Best quality locks

Guard Room